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July 3rd, 2008

You may recognize this questionnaire from an earlier post at this community. However, I have since realized that I made a grave error when posting my questionnaire. I posted the wrong version of my consent letter. I have since deleted the posts that contain it, and have sent the approved version of the consent letter to those who were kind enough to participate. Note: If you participated with the incorrect version, your answers will not be used and your identity will remain protected. I only hope that others will still consider participating with the correct edition of the consent letter. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

And since the best thing to do with a mistake is to admit that you made it, here goes. This is the real deal.

Note: The consent letter says that participation in this study should last no longer than an hour, but if you feel like you want to take more time answering it, that is fine. It is intended to analyze the creative process among both fans and professionals (and even those who are both), and the questions are open-ended enough to stimulate internal dialogue.

Please send questions and responses to mashby/at/yorku/ca, or use LJ to send me a private message.


Otaku Academy

Mission Statement

This community was started in advance of a directed reading course for a Master's thesis. The subject of the course is close readings of cyborg anime. The goal here is to involve both fans and aca-fans, and if possible to encourage membership on the part of those whose works are being read. I want Otaku Academy to move toward a more classroom-like model. This should function as a space not only to read and discuss essays and articles pertaining to anime, but also a place to post CFP's, relevant news articles, and thoughtful reviews of anime films, series, books, manga, games, and conventions.


Parts of the comments you leave at this journal may be used in my academic writing. I will attribute these quotations only to your username. The Canadian Tri-Council does not have an official stance on information contributed through blogging, and thus interprets all blogging as "informed consent." If you do not feel informed enough to consent, or if you simply do not consent, then do not comment here.

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